Kleensweep and OSHA silica dust standards

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Kleen Sweep Helps Meet New Dry Sweeping OSHA Silica Dust Standards

Endorsed by industry, Kleen Sweep is safe to use and reduces dust in construction environments

Kleensweep helps meet new dry sweeping OSHA silica dust standards


OSHA’s new silica dust standards, set to take effect in June 2017 for construction-based industries, promise to make workplaces safer for over two million workers exposed to silica dust on a regular basis.

Construction companies can confidently use Kleen Sweep Green as they aim to meet the new OSHA standards.

First, using Kleen Sweep Green adds no respirable silica dust to a workplace when used according to instructions.

Kleen Sweep Green is a wet compound that absorbs dust and debris while sweeping. When applied to a workplace floor, its wet silica particles remain on the floor until they are swept up and discarded.

Second, Kleen Sweep Green can reduce dangerous silica dust in workplace environments.

Simple sweeping in dust-rich environments tends to stir up dust and add it to the surrounding air. Kleen Sweep Green traps and absorbs dust during sweeping, reducing airborne particles up to 100%. Moreover, Kleen Sweep Green is oil-free, so it requires no special ventilation and no special disposal procedures in most construction workplaces. This is why Kleen Sweep Green has been endorsed by the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute as a safe and reliable product for controlling silica dust.

With Kleen Sweep Green, constructionbased companies can help meet new OSHA standards for silica dust and improve the cleanliness and general air quality in dustand debris-rich workplaces.

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