Cleans as it sweeps!

Oil Free - Picks up dust
Satisfaction Guaranteed


Eliminates Dust

Patented super absorbent formula absorbs more dirt and dust than oil based compounds


Environmentally Safe

Unlike oil based compounds Kleen Sweep contains no harmful and hazardous petroleum oil


Safe for Flooring

Patented formula can be used on all hard surface flooring leaving a residue free and clean surface

What is Kleen Sweep and how does it work?

Kleen Sweep is a environmentally safe replacement for oil based compounds.  Kleen Sweep is a specially patented oil free formula that out performs oil based compounds and is safe for all hard surface flooring.  Kleen Sweep makes sweeping more efficeient by suppressing and trapping dust and dirt particles from becoming airborne.   This eliminates harmful particles from being inhaled or settling back on newly swept surfaces.   Kleen Sweep leaves your floor with a clean residue free finish.

Where to use Kleen Sweep

Kleen Sweep is a universal sweeping compound. Kleen Sweep is frequently used in:

  • Industrial applications
  • Warehouses
  • New construction and remodeling sites
  • Institutions
  • Food service and medical facilities
  • Residential uses

Types of flooring Kleen Sweep can be used on:


What makes Kleen Sweep superior to other oil-based sweeping compounds?

-Environmentally Safe
-Non petroleum based
-Will not leave tacky residue on surface
-Highest quality ingredients for consistant performance

Kleen Sweep’s Key Ingredients:

-Washed and Screened Sand. Same sand used in the fracking industry the roundest and hardest in the world.

-Premium grade pine softwood. Screened for consistency for optimum performance.

-Super Absorbent. Maintains moisture for superior dust suppressing action.

-Innovative durable packaging with eye catching graphics.